Organizational Concepts and Design

Garage Organization


A garage can be a LOT of things—keep cars safe from ever changing St. Louis weather, garden tool MECCA, power tool workshop, lawn equipment maintenance & supply Heaven, but in many cases, it can become a ‘dumping ground’ that becomes overwhelming without functioning effectively.


OCD to the rescue! Don’t get overwhelmed– OCD experts are ready to help assess, evaluate contents and rank A-B-C for practical zone placement. We create the best possible storage solutions to make everything highly visible, labeled properly and fully utilize all vertical and horizontal spaces efficiently.


Let’s face it, very few garages are intended to get the most compliments in a house! But that doesn’t mean it can’t look good and provide highly functional optimal storage space! Why pay for more tools or equipment that you already have–but you can’t see them and don’t remember where they were stored. Calling all avid gardners, birders, tinkerers and mechanics, your garage can transform to meet your needs…with OCD’s help!

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