Organizational Concepts and Design

Relocation and Downsizing

Moving can be one of the top 5 most stressful life events for people, especially if they have inhabited the same space for many years, or had residents pass away or move out and leave surplus belongings. An organized move is a HAPPY move!

Hands holding cardboard box during relocation

Pre-Listing Relocation Preparation Services

  • Assessment of interior and exterior spaces in preparation for listing a home
  • Build a timeline and budget to de-clutter, delineate items to keep, donate, trash or sell, pack/label
  • Estimate packing materials needed and purchase in advance if requested
  • Recommend Qualified hauling/moving/cleaning/estate sale service providers
  • Schedule large item donation pick-up and remove small item donations
  • Pack/label room contents for ease of identification
  • Stage rooms for best visual presentation and rapid sale
Interior with packed cardboard boxes for relocation 3D rendering

Post-Closing Day Services

  • Measure cabinets / drawers for shelf lining installation
  • Recommend/purchase/install optimal storage solutions
  • Confirm/meet any onsite utility service providers if needed
  • Purchase/deliver equipment and supplies for lining kitchen/bathroom drawers and cabinets
  • Label rooms to match the box labels
Two young handsome movers wearing uniforms are unloading the van full of boxes. House move, mover

Moving Day Services

  • Liaison between client and movers to ensure all inventory master list of boxes and room designations
  • Oversee final checklist that all items are loaded properly by size and room for expeditious unloading
  • Confirm all inventories and box counts match by room

Post Move-In Organization Services

  • Complete lining of kitchen & bathroom cabinets, drawers, shelving, pantries
  • Unpack kitchen boxes to A-B-C zone usage spaces based on proximity to relevant appliance
  • Break down boxes for recycling and dispose of packing materials to provide clear safe pathways in new home
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