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Listing Preparation for Deceased Homeowner

Preparation for a Deceased Homeowner Listing

After his mother had passed away, I assisted a family prepare their childhood home to list for sale. You
can only imagine the grief and sadness they were enduring coupled with the overwhelming emotions of
going through their home filled with forty years of memories. The 86-year-old deceased was in failing
health and did not want to ask for help to sort through all her personal belongings, clothing, photos on
walls, photo albums, jewelry, craft hobbies, gardening equipment, tools and numerous other furnishings
in the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home. In addition to all the stress associated with any move, the
executor of the estate resided a thousand miles away. He physically and logistically couldn’t clear or
prepare the beautiful house to get it listed, sold and close out the estate.
Gratefully, his realtor recommended Organizational Concepts & Design to propose a plan for turn-key
services including:
1.) Sell whatever saleable furnishings the family elected to leave.
2.) Donate any useful items to worthy charitable organizations and get tax receipts.
3.) During the Covid-19 Pandemic, there were not any in-home donation pick-up services, so this
entailed multiple carloads of items to local antique dealers, consignment stores, thrift shops and food
4.) St. Charles Junk hauled out remaining items for trash,
5.) Kristi Klean LLC. provided deep cleaning services,
6.) Stage the home for photography for the online listing.
Since it is a very delicate conversation to initiate, it is not uncommon for people to be unprepared to
sort and distribute household belongings, especially if a death is unexpected. Every situation is different
and often the contents of a house do have value if there is time to get things organized, conduct an
estate sale, market items, and logistically get furnishings to be re-purposed with a new owner or to a
designated charity of choice. As an objective, third-party service provider, OCD treats all spaces and
possessions with respect and dignity to achieve whatever the desired outcome may be whether it is
making better use of the space available, editing belongings for more efficient storage and functionality,
or the sale of a home.
If you know of anyone in need of assistance planning or preparing to downsize, relocate or simply to
stay in the home, OCD will conduct a complimentary consultation on best procedures, realistic timeline,
and budget. For more information, contact Ellen McCarthy: or 314-730-0283 visit for other organizational services provided.

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